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There is Now another way to get your vehicle registration and other DMV related transactions completed online. Register My Cars’ DMV Registration Service is capable of performing transactions which were previously administered only by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles. We are contracted, DMV licensed and bonded through their Business Partner Automation program. We hold Occupational DMV License number 88040. Registering my vehicles was so easy, we spent the rest of the half-day I took from work at Universal City Walk. I no longer have to worry about “taking a number” and sitting next to a hundreds of unhappy people at the DMV.
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    So when I bought my first car, I've decided to check this place out.  I got competitive rates and not to mention peace of mind knowing it's a reliable company unlike other companies.

    Being a first time car owner he told me what exactly i had to do, he made my experience really good with registering my car.
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    I had lost my registration and stickers. I work full time and don't have the time to go into the DMV and wait those long hours. So I called Arsen the agent at Ultimate DMV Vehicle Registration Services he was amazing and so professional he had my registration and stickers in no time.Seriously within 30 mins.
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  • Didnt even know this type of service was offered but sure am glad i found it. Their service is great and the rates are so low its not even worth going to the DMV. If u happen to have a tricky situation like i did.  THEY GIVE YOU YOUR REGISTRATION AND TAGS ON THE SPOT.

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We are a CA DMV BPA Partner

Register My Cars is California’s premiere online vehicle registration company. We are licensed and bonded with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to provide DMV-related transactions.


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